In two years, Connecticut teen Charli D’Amelio has gone from dancing in front of her unmade bed, to having equity in billion-dollar companies, cofounding New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) unveiled a new program this week to expand how and why the mentally ill can be removed Biblical Pillars of America First - The Economy This is the News show you do not want to miss - Jam Packed, buckle Up! President Biden delivers remarks and signs H.J.Res.100, providing a resolution to avert a nationwide rail shutdown. The White House And they're not wasting any time ramming it through the legislature. A sweeping gun control bill that would not only ban the sale of Join DailyWire+ and watch all of our ad-free content NOW: Gina Carano breaks down her career highlight from fighting in the UFC, and her Not only are many of the gun control measures under consideration in Broomfield, Colorado clearly unconstitutional, they're also utterly ineffective. Still, that isn't stopping